Laboratory Testing Industry Doubles Down on Monkey Breeding, Even as Congress Directs Phase Down of Archaic Animal Models
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FDA Thumbing Its Nose at Congress On Implementing the FDA Modernization Act
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Expanding Use of Primates in Drug Testing Is a Threat to Public Health
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The Illegal, Unworkable and Wasteful Use of Primates in Testing and Research
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Tell your legislators

to support the FDA Modernization Act 3.0 to stop the FDA from causing the needless torment of beagles, primates and other animals in new drug approvals.

FDA Must Take Immediate Steps to Implement the
FDA Modernization Act 2.0

The Food Drug and Cosmetics Act was amended in 2022 to allow for human-relevant nonanimal test methods, lifting the mandate for animal testing.

The current state

Outdated Regulations

FDA must initiate rulemaking so outdated regulations comport with the revised statute and Congressional intent.

Deliberate Ambiguity at FDA

Current FDA programs to evaluate and accept nonanimal test methods are vague, ineffective, top-heavy, and lack transparency, failing to set up the agency or drug developers for success. FDA must end its deliberate ambiguity practice regarding the use of animals in preclinical research.

the path forward

Regulatory Clarity

FDA must create a clear pathway for regulatory acceptance of nonanimal test methods.

Break the status quo

FDA must act expeditiously to change the drug development paradigm as Congress intended. Otherwise, the 90 to 95% failure rate in clinical trials of drugs that pass animal tests for safety and efficacy fail in human trials will continue.

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on the FDA Modernization Act 3.0